Corporate Matching Funds

Accelerate Donation through Corporate Matching Gift Program.

The generosity of our donors can be amplified through the generosity of companies that have implemented a Matching Gift Program.  Through such a program, the employer commits to match the employee’s donation at different levels.  Thousands of companies have such a program today in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, benefiting charitable organizations like Nandgam Haveli around the world.

As a donor, you have the opportunity to increase the impact of your donation to Nandgam Haveli by registering with your company’s Matching Gift Program. 

Nandgam Haveli Austin, Texas invites contributions from the Devotee. We appreciate your support! Nandgam Haveli is a Non-Profit Organization under 501(c)(3), and all donations will be tax deductible. There are multiple ways to donate for Haveli.

If you are looking for general donation then please visit Donation page.

There are two ways for Company Match

Using Benevity

Please make sure your company has association with Benevity. Benevity provides charitable donation-management and grant-management platforms.
Once confirmed follow below steps:
  1. Login to your company Benevity Portal.
    • https://<company>.
  2. Search for “Nandgam” or “Nandgam Community” under Search box. 
  4. On next screen, click on Donate Now button and proceed with your Donation.

Screenshots from Benevity Portal:

Continue to next screen for company match. 

Continue with the next steps to complete donation.

After Online Donation

If your company is not participating into Benevity Program then please follow below steps.

  1. Donate using our online form
  2. You will get email receipt with all details.
  3. Contact your company’s HR / Corporate Giving Team, provide a receipt, request for “Nandgam Haveli” company match.
  4. You may need to provide some more details, i.e. TIN number. Please reach out to us via Contact us page.

Sample Receipt Screenshot:

Have a questions? Please reach out to us via online contact form.

Thank you 🙏.
Nandgam Community Team

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