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🌟 Exciting News! Nandgam Community Next Chapter! 🌟

Dear Devotees,
After 15 cherished months at our current location, we're thrilled to announce the next chapter to the Nandgam Haveli and Community! Our Haveli is expanding to a more spacious home which will be on lease terms.

9700 Neenah Avenue Austin, TX 78717

This move represents a significant milestone in our Nandgam history. Our larger location will provide us with more room for worship, community gatherings, educational programs, and exciting events.

With gratitude,
Nandgam Haveli Management Team 🙏

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Join Our Journey: Support the New Haveli

Your dedication lights our path. With heartfelt gratitude, we acknowledge the generosity of our devotees from near and far. Your contributions have empowered us to reach remarkable milestones swiftly.In the divine glow of Shri Krishna’s love, we extend our deepest appreciation to the community. Your unwavering support has been the foundation upon which we have built this abode of devotion.

Deepen Your Spiritual Journey with Us

Our Haveli is a testament to selfless Seva and Bhakti, a manifestation of pure love for Shri Krishna. We invite you to partake in this sacred act of giving. Your recurring donations help us serve the Lord and our community through nourishing prasadam, kirtans, daily services, and cultural celebrations that embody the spirit of  community. 

Your Support, Our Growth

We are on a growth trajectory, thanks to your blessings and support. Stand with fellow devotees in nurturing our community’s spiritual and cultural fabric. Your recurring monthly donations will sustain our regular activities, service initiatives, and daily operating expenses.

Flexible Donation Options

Choose a giving level that resonates with you:

Devotional Support Tiers:

  • Daily Support: $1, $2, or $3 a day to assist with daily operations
  • Govardhan Guardian: $100/month to maintain our cultural heritage 
  • Radha’s Compassion: $200/month to support the heart of our Haveli’s operations and activities
  • Vrindavan Benefactor: $300/month to foster the growth of our service initiatives

Pledge Your Support:

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Pledge Information
I understand that I will be sending my future contributions every month. I also understand that I can withdraw my commitment from this Seva at any time by emailing Nandgam Haveli at


Support Commitment:

  • Daily Support: Choose $1, $2, or $3 per day for the operational needs of the sanctuary.
  • Govardhan Guardian: Contribute $100/month to preserve our cultural legacy.
  • Radha’s Compassion: Offer $200/month to support the core functions and activities of our spiritual haven.
  • Vrindavan Benefactor: Provide $300/month to enhance our capacity to serve.

Monthly Target: We update this every week
Thank you for your Donation to Nandgam Haveli. We appreciate your support! Nandgam Haveli is a Non-Profit Organization under 501(c)(3), and all donations will be tax deductible.


Our  Govardhan Guardian, Radha’s Compassion,  Vrindavan Benefactor donors are gratefully acknowledged on our website, reflecting your vital role in the sanctuary’s enduring operations.

To make changes to monthly recurring or for cancellation please reach out to us via an email:

Thank you all of you for becoming "Vaishnav Legacy Builder” Donors

  • Pankaj Desai
  • Jignesh Patel
  • Tapan Shah
  • Arpit Shah
  • Rohan Shah
  • Pavan Patel
  • Dhaval Sheth
  • Bhagyesh Patel
  • Vimal Motipara
  • Rinku Damani
  • Yogesh Shah
  • Raju Shah
  • Sanjay Parikh

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